trouble or pain with nursing - check for tongue tie

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trouble or pain with nursing - check for tongue tie
Tue, 11-06-2012 - 11:01am
I want to get the word out about tongue tie because my son's was missed by every doctor, nurse, and lactation consultant we saw. The little guy started out knowing just what to do and latched just fine. But nursing was extremely painful and he always fell asleep shortly after starting. I developed nipple trauma, he lost weight and got jaundice. We started pumping and giving him bottled breastmilk. Things got better but the little guy never seemed very interested in eating, I just assumed it was nipple preference combined with being a fussy eater. Then I saw another baby cry and eat from a bottle and a light bulb went off in my head - my baby's mouth looked really different. Went to the doctor got the tongue tie diagnosed and are looking into treatment. Sadly it may be too late to get our Lo back on the breast but if tongue tie is caught early it is really easy to fix and can (apparently) make a huge difference.
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I want to second what Kathy has said about the possibility of getting even an older baby to take the breast after clipping a tongue-tie. I have heard from of moms in similar situations who have been able to get the baby back to the breast. Patience is often the key here. Just don't assume if the baby refuse at first that it's a lost cause. Working with an a certified LC would probably be a good idea in your case as they will be able to offer you good advice in encouraging your baby back to take the breast.


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I’m so sorry your baby’s tongue tied was missed. For any lurkers I’m going to post an article about tongue tied so they can learn more about it.,,91wd,00.html

It’s important if anyone suspects tongue tied to seek out an expert in tongue tied. Usually a very experienced LC will be able to diagnosis it or at least refer to someone who can.

Can you tell me how old your LO is? Some ‘older’ babies have been able to resume breastfeeding once their tongue is clipped. It’s great that you’ve been able to maintain your milk supply with the pump and give your baby expressed breast milk (ebm). You should be very proud of yourself, not every mom would continue to pump and continue to seek out solutions. Can you share how you finally found someone to correctly diagnose? That may help other moms.

Again, thanks so much for sharing your story and please get back if you would like information about how to possibly encourage your baby to take the breast again.


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