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editing for privacy
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I don't think there are any particularly concerning side effects of the drug domperidone - but I've not ever taken it personally and can't offer a lot of info there. Hopefully one of the CLs / LCs can offer you some more info specifically related to the drug.

As for nursing and conceiving - the two aren't mutually exclusive. It's actually quite possible to conceive while nursing ... (I know TTC is now or never but have you given yourselves a time frame - 1 mos / 2 mos?). At any rate, I've personally conceived a child while nursing and have more than a few friends who found themselves pregnant before ever getting a period following childbirth.

If you are charting - you should still be able to track your cycles well enough to time intercourse even though your cycle may be longer than typical. That's really the benefit of charting, imo.

If for some reason you feel it really is a wean or conceive situation - and I'm not sure it is or needs to be - I'd probably choose conceiving another child if I really wanted to have another child. However, again, I ask how realistic your timeframe for conception is ... if you're only giving yourself a couple months, you may not successfully conceive anyway and then you'll have weaned before you and / or DD were ready AND you would not conceive a second child.

I'd seriously look at your options that allow you to continue nursing and TTC together.

Good luck.
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Tue, 06-21-2011 - 8:44am
I want to try to ease your worries regarding domperidone. I've been on it for two weeks now and my dr said that the only significant side effects that have ever cropped up were in chemotherapy patients who took it for digestive reasons. If you are fairly healthy, the drug is very safe. You won't be on domperidone for years so risks of long term unknown side effects are pretty much nonexistent. I know it's not a 100% guarantee but no drug ever comes entirely risk free.

I know you would mourn the loss of the nutrition part of breastfeeding, but your baby goe all milk when she was really tiny and that's when it's most important. I highly doubt that you'd keep regretting this on her first day of school, but if you really long for a second child, I bet you would regret not giving that a good try a lot longer. I agree with the previous poster that it need not be an all or nothing approach. I cant tell you what you should do, but in your situation I would focus on conceiving and continue to nurse DD even if it's mostly for comfort. You'd still have the time together and the bond even if you do have to give her some formula to top it off.

Good luck. The best thing I can suggest is to take a deep breath and try not to dwell on things. That won't help your supply or your chances of conception. (hugs)
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Tonya gave you some great info.

I'm personally not concerned about the safety of taking domperidone but that's a choice you need to feel comfortable with. Here's some good info on this:


And lots of info at the bottom of this link: http://www.kellymom.com/health/meds/prescript_galactagogue.html

If you feel like domperidone is messing up your cycle, is it possible to just stop taking it but continue to nurse? Even if you do have a supply dip and need to supplement a bit, I wouldn't see how that would mean you'd need to immediately wean. The comfort and bonding of nursing would still be there even if you're only able to supply part of her nutritional needs.

Good luck with whatever path you end up taking.
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Wed, 06-22-2011 - 2:59am

The other part of me feels so sad because my daughter really seems to enjoy breastfeeding.