YIKES Kathy's schedule

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YIKES Kathy's schedule
Thu, 04-17-2008 - 10:39pm

Sorry I've been MIA without much warning. I know last week I told everyone we'd be visiting with Brennan over last weekend until Tues (it was awesome) but what I didn't anticipate was going to a conference yesterday and today (Wed and Thurs). It was only decided I'd go to the conference last week. And now, I'm going to a wedding Friday to Sat in DC which we are extending to being away with ds's in-laws and then to Kevin and Megen's through the rest of the weekend.

Soooooo, the bottom line is I won't likely be available until Monday night. Sorry for the short notice. Things just materialized quickly over the last 2 weeks to make a crazy week even crazier.

I know everyone will be fine and carry on in your usual terrifically smart and loving way.

Thanks everyone see you next week.