Breast and bottle need help asap!

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Breast and bottle need help asap!
Wed, 01-22-2014 - 12:55am

My daughter is 5 days old and i am already having a really hard time breastfeeding, i originally wanted to exclusively breastfeed and have been doing so since birth but i have not been able to eat, sleep, shower, NOTHING. She wants to eat and eat and eat all day everyday and it is becoming too much doing it on my own. I would like to breastfeed and pump so i can have some help with feedings and for when i need to leave her. I tried her first bottle of breastmilk today and she ate about 2-3 oz in less than 10 minutes with alot of excess milk spilling and spitting up, assuming shes not used to getting it so easily even though im using breastflow bottles supposed to be designed to be close to breast. Even after she is done feeding she is still looking for breast. I want to point out that she is a thumb sucker, well attempting anyways she doesnt quite get the hang of it, so she always wants something in her mouth at all times. This makes me believe she wants breast all the time for comfort, but i cannot give her my breast all day and night! She will cry and cry until something is in her mouth. How am i supposed to balance the feedings when she is so obsessed with the breast? Is she spoiled already? How can i break this habit? 

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Wed, 01-22-2014 - 7:34am

Krysti, welcome to the board and thanks for stopping by! Would it  be ok if I asked a few questions?

How is her latch? Are you having pain or are you comfortable? When she detaches, is your nipple round or is it creased, smashed or wedge shaped?

Has anyone looked in her mouth to make sure she doesn't have a tongue tie or lip tie? That can cause issues with milk transfer and can make baby want to nurse nonstop. The fact that you mentioned she had a lot of spilling even with the bottle makes me wonder about possible tongue tie. Here is a link with some pics and information about tongue ties:

Is it an option for you to see a private practice lactation consultant in your area for an evaluation? If you let me know where you're located, I can try to see if there is someone I can recommend.

Have you tried a pacifier yet? Does she accept that?

It's definitely possible to spoil such a teeny tiny baby so definitely continue to nurse on demand and meet all her needs at this point. I would strongly suggest considering you to see a local LC though so she can look at you in person and try to get to the bottom of what is going on. It is normal for newborns to want to nurse frequently but it shouldn't be literally nonstop. 

Hang in there!

Dana Lauducci, IBCLC