Poky little nipple hanger...

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Poky little nipple hanger...
Thu, 01-13-2005 - 6:33pm

My two week old is giving me fits.  I b/f dd for 15 months, and the new one is making me crazy.  At first he latched on so vigorously it left me with blisters.  They went away, but not before he barely would latch on to the nipple causing blinding pain when nursing.  Re-latching frustrates both of us, and I can't get him to do it "my way" haha.  PLUS, I am a 40 DD bra size, so the concept of latching on for him is much like getting a goldfish to suck on a bowling ball.

Next problem is he is sooo slow!  Jenna could finish in 15 minutes on both breasts, but his poky-ness is causing repeated engorgement, and a recent bout of mastitis.  Stroking his feet, neck, back etc. only makes him more sleepy.  Since he doesn't get much before falling asleep, he's hungry 30 minutes later. 

So here I am, sore, leaking, and ready to go full time pumping.  Any ideas or BTDT support?



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Thu, 01-13-2005 - 7:49pm

Wow Beth...in many ways you sound a lot like me!

Lilianne was born 12/21/04. Our power went off the next night for 4 hours and I had to nurse a one day old IN THE DARK. Needless to say, her already terrible latch was even worse because I couldn't see to get her on me. She managed to give me huge painful nasty blister/sore nipples. Then she was on a biliblanket because she was jaundice. I had no options for nursing her. She was so sleepy from the jaundice, and the doctors were telling me to nurse her every 2 hours...she was so hard to wake up, and fell asleep so easily.

I ended up pumping for a week out of my right breast...it had a deep fissure and a skin tag that made me want to scream. My milk came in on Chrismas day, and I'm huge right now (40 DD as well). I got mastitis on New Year's Eve (can you tell I had a wonderful holiday? She was 3 weeks early, so I'm still kind of in a daze from the whole thing. I had hoped to use those last three weeks reading up on breastfeeding again!)

Her big sister was a wonderful nurser from the first minute she latched on. I was sore once for about 4 days on one side, but it was no biggie.

Anyway, we've made HUGE progress. First, I saw the lactation consultant after the first of the year. She encouraged me to use the football hold, which makes me feel more in control of her latch. She told me to get some soothies and wear them in my bra. They have really helped. She also told me to use the C hold on my breast to make it more like a sandwich that dd could get her little mouth around, and when she stops sucking, to do a deep compression on my breast two times (since my hand is in the C hold anyway, it is easy to do) She suggested I move my hand to different places on my breast. The minute I did the compression, dd would get a burst of milk and star nursing again. Oh, the other thing I've been doing is getting some of the nursing lanshoin (I'm spelling that wrong) and rub in on my nipples and stretch them out before dd latches on. I've never been a big fan of manual expression, but in this case getting my nipple soft and long myself before dd chomps it in a way I don't like has really helped us. Oh, and up until today, I've been having crazy let downs all the time leaving me feeling really full as well...dd is big on nursing on one side only at a time and it has taken forever to get my body to figure that out.

I've had to remind myself that the last time I nursed a child she was one year old and about 26 pounds. Newborns are differnt. Right now it is a pain in the butt because I can't read, surf, or do anything because I can't cradle hold this baby yet. But, hopefully in a few more weeks her head will be strong enough to hold up on her own, and we can get back to the cradle hold..

A friend also told me last night that she heard that 2nd time nursing moms have more problems with soreness.

I was just about to the point where I was going to throw in the towel and pump exclusively (heck, I pumped at work for about 8 months, no big deal not to have to deal with the pain). I'm finally back to not DREADING that crying sound anymore. It really is a combination of things that has helped...I've also really been encouraging my dd, crazy as that sounds...explaining to her what she needs to do and why...

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Sat, 01-15-2005 - 2:58am

Beth - Hopefully things are a bit better today. Here are several links that I think will be really helpful to you in getting DS to latch and nurse.




I would really recommend getting in to see an LC as well. She'll have more advice I'm sure and she'll be able to give you the hands-on advice that we can't.