9 mos can i HUTH?

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9 mos can i HUTH?
Tue, 05-19-2009 - 10:22am

hi everyone!

my LO will be turning 9 mos in a week's time and that's also about the same time that I return to work. Now my job is really VERY demanding and my schedule throughout the day can be very unpredictable so pumping can be very challenging. at best, i can sneak a manual pumping session maybe once or twice throughout the whole day.

so my question is: will my LO be able to get enough BM if she only nurses before I leave in the morning, when I arrive in the evening, and maybe one or two sessions throughout the night (she takes solids twice a day now)? or do I really have to pump and give her BM during the day or else supplement with formula? at what age can I HUTH?

i really wanna do this until she's AT LEAST a year old (hopefully without any formula) but I can't afford not to go back to work, and I'm starting to panic about the whole thing! so any help or even encouragement is greatly appreciated!


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Tue, 05-19-2009 - 1:38pm

Hi there-

Congrats on almost 9 months! I imagine that you have some sort of stash set aside from the 9 months you've been home?


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Wed, 05-20-2009 - 8:23am
I feel for you.