9mo Supply Question

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9mo Supply Question
Mon, 04-26-2010 - 8:33am

I don't know if this is the correct area but here it goes. I have been BFing for about 9mos. This morning I woke up with AF. My LO eats solids but gets most of her nutrition from BM, refuses the paci, bottle and sippy cup. Will this affect my supply? I really do not want to stop and I am concerned if I dry up how will she get her nutrition if she won't take anything else.



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Mon, 04-26-2010 - 8:41am

Are you actually experiencing a dip in supply related to AF or are you just worried that you might?

Some moms experience an AF-related dip in supply but many do not. There's no reason to consider weaning just because AF has arrived. If you experience a dip, here's some good information on combatting it: (from http://www.breastfeed-essentials.com/menstruation.html)

For some women, the drop in milk supply and nipple tenderness associated with menstruation becomes more of a challenge. An effective treatment for these symptoms associated with the return of periods is to add a calcium/magnesium supplement to the diet upon ovulation and continue it through the second or third day of a period. The supplement should be 1500 calcium/750 magnesium but can be as low as 500 calcium/250 magnesium (the higher the dosage the more effective and quicker the results). It should be a combination pill. This much calcium should never be taken alone. If your cycles are not regular and you do not know when you ovulate, you can take the supplement the entire month until you begin to see a pattern to your flow. This type of supplement seems to work as it prevents the drop in blood calcium levels which occurs mid-cycle and continues through the second to third day of a period. It is this drop which is associated with the nipple tenderness and drop in milk supply as well as the uterine cramping so often experienced with menstruation. You only need to take one pill a day.

The herb, Evening Primrose, is also reported to alleviate nipple soreness brought on during ovulation or before a period. The dosage is one capsule per day.