allergic to cow's milk

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allergic to cow's milk
Fri, 08-07-2009 - 11:54am
Hi! I have a friend who's LO is 12 months old. She's planning to return to work, and she's going to pump. However, if she's not able to pump enough breastmilk, she should probably supplement to make sure her LO gets enough nutrients. We know that after 12 months, they get breastmilk or whole cow's milk. Her LO is allergic to cow's milk (hives, in emergency room, etc), so what should she have instead? Thanks.

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Fri, 08-07-2009 - 2:13pm

Hi there-

Is mama fully weaning...pumping and nursing at the breast? Or, mom will still be nursing, perhaps not pumping?

If baby is still nursing 3-4 times when mom is home, baby doesn't need cow's milk at all:

That article gives some great alternatives to cow's milk.

Is that helpful? Feel free to follow up if you/she need more info :0) Congrats to your friend!


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Sat, 08-08-2009 - 12:53pm

Mama is not weaning. She's going to continue nursing whenever she's home. She also nurses at night. That is probably 3-4 times a day. That article is helpful! Thank you.

Should she pump at work at all or no? Or just pump in the beginning to relieve engorgement and then eventually she won't need to pump?

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Sun, 08-09-2009 - 9:07am

Really, that's her decision. We have some moms here who choose to pump at work throughout the second year and some who choose to hang up the horns as soon as they can. I think I personally would stick it out a bit longer if I had a milk-allergic kid or if my child wasn't well established on a varied solids diet.