Baby does not take bottle

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Baby does not take bottle
Tue, 03-31-2009 - 9:45am

Hello -

I have looked at this brilliant site for advice and information and have identified with the problems and the solutions posted by anxious mothers.

However this is the first time am writing with my query and am really really stressed out.

My LO would be seven months old tommorow and I resume working from tommorow as well. He will go to the DC, where he spent 1 day in a week this month. as trial

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Tue, 03-31-2009 - 10:11am


hugs on returning to work!

how are you determining your supply is low? First thing I would say is to only feed one 'meal' at 7 months rather than 2.

id skip the bottle totally now.


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Tue, 03-31-2009 - 5:06pm

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Tue, 03-31-2009 - 5:21pm

Thanks for following up!

Low supply can only be determined by baby not gaining weight or having adequate diaper output. The way your breasts feel has nothing to do with your supply:

Pumping can never be used as an indicator either, as most babies will get MORE by nursing than what you can pump. That being said, you're getting 5 ounces in a pumping session? That is a HUGE amount of milk to get. Most women only get between .5-2 for both breasts combined. If you're pumping 5 ounces, you have more than enough milk :)

Have you ever tried giving him a cup/bottle when you're gone? Llike, totally out of the house? Often, even if your'e in the the other room, baby will refuse anything but nursing if he knows mama is home ;) Tricky little things! Has DH tried a spoon or dropper at all? Has he tried rocking baby while


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Tue, 03-31-2009 - 9:23pm

I've btdt! My son has NEVER taken a bottle. He would drink from a sippy some but not enough to get full. He is 20 months now and eats table food but still prefers the breast to any bottle/sippy. DS will drink from a regular cup (with help) gladly though! My son wears a size 2t-3t and has always been at the top, or over the top of the growth charts. When I am not available to nurse he just eats more table food. He has been doing that since he was about your son's age.

If I were you I would relax a little bit. I'm sure that your son will eat and do fine in daycare. Babies can be very stubborn. I'm betting that he refuses the bottle because he knows that you'll cave in and nurse him. He will adapt just fine. Try to relax and allow someone else to feed him without you around. He may fuss for a bit but he'll be fine.

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Mon, 04-06-2009 - 5:23pm

I would also suggest that any solids be given while you are at work, and while you are home, then offer lots of nursing and no solids.

I agree that the feel of your breasts is no guide to supply. The early feelings of fullness and even engorgement disappear, as the body adjusts to making just what is needed, not the excess that can be common in the early months.

Also, one thing to remember, is that while you are at work, the baby is not nursing, and you will be replacing that with several pumping sessions. These will not be extra, and it is likely that you will find you can pump a lot more under those circumstances.

Also, for an absence of 11 hours, you will need to supply about 1 ounce or 30 mL per hour, so about 11 ounces.

Kellymom has good advice about caring for and handling breastmilk. This link will lead you to some good information.

By being ready to nurse just before leaving your baby and as soon as you pick him up, this will also help. He will want that closeness anyway, after being away from you all day.

The reason why it has been suggested that you be completely away, when your baby is offered a cup is that they will often refuse if they know you are around. So even a trial one day, when you are gone for a few hours, and your partner has him would be good.