Distracted Nurser? Nursing Strike?

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Distracted Nurser? Nursing Strike?
Fri, 04-02-2010 - 1:39am

I am not sure what is going on with my 8-month old daughter.

I started back to work on Feb 17, full time. For the first month my mom was visiting and helping with the transition. I would nurse my daughter in the morning, at lunch, when I got home from work and at bedtime. Sometimes I would nurse her in the middle of the night when she woke up. She also got 2 bottles a day (3 oz ea) while I was gone, plus some solids.

Mid-March my mom left and my daughter started daycare. She also started to sleep through the night and dropped the night feeding. I would feed her in the am, then a bottle mid morning, lunch feeding with me, and either an afternoon feeding with me or a bottle with daddy. Nurse when I got home, nurse at bedtime and then out for the night.

Then she got her first cold and now has been waking 2x a night due to congestion. I clean her nose out and she nurses really, really well.

During the daytime, when she nurses, she is super distracted. I try to go to a quiet place but she usually is still very distracted. I notice that she nurses best when she is drowsy, upon waking.

The past few days she has refused to nurse at lunch completely. So, that means that she has had her am nursing, bottle, solids, refuse nursing at noon, more solids, bottle, and then sometimes nurse when I get home and sometimes nurse at bedtime. But lately she has been refusing the bedtime nursing. Too many solids? She eats about 2 ounces of solids at a meal, sometimes upwards to 4 ounces.

Today she nursed twice in the night, had an am bottle, solids, refused lunch nursing completely, more solids, bottle, solids at dinner, and then started to nurse okay at bedtime, got the hiccups and then refused to nurse any more.

I am worried that she is not getting enough and that my milk supply is going to drop. Pumping at work is going okay so far. I pump 2x a day and manage about 9-10 ounces total for the day. Oh, and her daytime bottles are about 3-4 ounces each.

What stresses me out is that she is not wanting to nurse from me during the day, only at night the last few nights. I miss nursing my girl and want the connection with her! I use slow flow nipples on the bottles.

Any thoughts? Sorry for the ramble . . . this has been on my mind . . .

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Sat, 04-03-2010 - 6:34am

I can't give you any advice, but, I read what you said about missing nursing your LO and I feel like that with my daughter. I have exclusively breast fed her since birth. She is 6 months and can't at the moment (temporary) due to medications I have to take for my eye. The meds are really not recommended during BFing and it has been dreadful not to be able to BF her. I hope that your situation is resolved quickly and she begins nursing again during the day.

I don't know if this will help, but, I have a friend who said she used to put necklaces etc... on when she breastfed (long, sturdy type ones that can reach the baby) so that her son wouldn't be distracted looking around everywhere while he nursed and pulling off the breast. Perhpas you could do that? She actually ended up buying what is called a nursing necklace to minimize the distraction with her son and that seemed to help.

I know it wasn't much of a help, but, I wanted to wish you luck.