Dropping nursing sessions?

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Dropping nursing sessions?
Fri, 08-28-2009 - 10:43pm

My daughter will be 1 in about two weeks.


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Fri, 08-28-2009 - 11:14pm

This is my schedule, it varies day to day...if Max is teething he nurses more instead of eating so I let him. I think every baby is different and has different needs. If he doesn't want to nurse I just try to offer some food or drink and if he's not interested (b/c he's too busy exploring, playing) I just wait a while and keep offering. I try to feed him 3 times a day. I know when he's really hungry he comes running up to me, pecking my chest or picking my food- he will not just sit back and be content without eating.

6 am- wake up, nurse
9 am- snack (piece of fruit or bread), nurse
11 am- old fashioned oatmeal w/fruit (apple, banana, or watermelon)
12- 2p - nurse, nap
3p- veggies, pieces of meat
4 p-nurse
5-6p- picks my food during dinner
7 p- nurse, sleep
12 midnight- wakes up to nurse

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Sat, 08-29-2009 - 2:36am

Juliana -

Woot Woot on the almost 1 year milestone!!! There is a WIDE range of how often babies are BF at this age.

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