Eating solids - BF too little? concerned

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Eating solids - BF too little? concerned
Sat, 05-01-2010 - 1:48pm

Hi Ladies, I hope you can give me some guidance here, I am sure you will

My 7 month old baby girl is eating solids now 3 times a day (lunch around 12 pm - 1 pm; fruit and or yogurt 3 hours later; and cereal with milk for dinner 3 hours after the last meal)

She eats well her solids, but now it is like she is not breastfeeding between those meals. Only before bed, or occasionally before a nap, or sometimes during the night and in the early morning. Last night she didn't even want to nurse to fall asleep. I even tried a bottle with a little Breast milk to see and she didn't take it either.

I am concerned she is not getting enough milk.

How should I manage this? How many times should she nurse, and is it ok for her not to drink any milk between her solids meals? other than the one I include in the cereal?



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Sat, 05-01-2010 - 3:17pm

YIKES - 3 times a day of solids for a 7 month old is to much! THe MAXIMUM amount of solids at this age is once per day and many kids this age have not started at all or only get a bit or two every few days. The MINIMUM number of nursings in 24 hours is 5 but most are nursing more often than that.

Here is a good sample feeding guide:

I do think she is not getting enough BM from what you describe. Keep in mind breastmilk should be the primary nutrition for the ENTIRE first year and solids are just for fun and tasting - not nutrition.

"Should solids replace breastmilk?

No. Solids during the first year are only meant to complement breastmilk, not take precedence over it or replace any breastfeedings. It is more of a way to add textures to the baby's diet, to allow the baby new experiences, and to help her develop hand/eye coordination through finger feeding." more on starting solids:

Unless you make some changes you are on the fast track to weaning and possibly low weight gain since solids have fewer fats and calories than breastmilk.

I would cut back to offering no more than one serving of solids per day. I would not bother at all with cereal it is NOT a nutrient dense food at all and there are MUCH better choices. first foods:

You might even consider baby led solids - letting baby self feed versus spoon feeding. By doing you are encouraging the same type of baby regulated eating as with breastfeeding. When baby nurses at the breasts they can control by how they suck how much BM they get. With baby led solids baby can continue to exert control over the amount eaten. This give some ideas for finger foods:

If baby wants to eat with the family at other times that is fine, you can offer a BM slushie or a momsicle or many are happy to play with a spoon and bowl or a cup with a few sips of EBM or water in it. COntinue to offer to BF every 2-3 hours during the day and of course on demand overnight.

Take a spin through the links/info and follow up.

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Sun, 05-02-2010 - 6:18pm

Totally agree. My DD just turned 8 months and we are doing one feeding per day (usually, some days we miss it if life gets busy). For now, it's all about practice. Once a day-ish gives her the practice of eating without taking away the benefit of BM.

We did also start offering a few cheerios here and there so she can work on getting foods to her mouth, but she usually only eats 4 or 5 cheerios.

I'd back off on solids for sure.