Hales Look up Please!!!

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Hales Look up Please!!!
Sat, 04-03-2010 - 9:46am

Can someone w/ Hales book read the post below:

Maintaining supply when not breastfeeding

She has a serious eye condition that needs strong medication. She was told not to nurse by her doctor and received no sympathy as a nursing mom. Doc just said .... can't you give her formula?

She listed the meds in her post about maintaining supply, but I'm not sure she Can't nurse. One of the meds is prednisone, which I know personally is AAP approved for nursing moms.

I don't have Hale's book, or I'd look them up for her. And please post in the her original thread, as I'm not sure she will be reading this one.


ETA: NEVER MIND!!! Dana, I didn't see your response where you were looking up her meds for her. Thanks for always being so on top of things!!

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