Is he weaning?

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Is he weaning?
Thu, 03-18-2010 - 12:19pm
I suppose I shouldn't be surprised since he's 25 mos., but I've been rejected at our bedtime nursing 4 nights in a row just like he did for his weekend naptime nursing session quite a while back. He's very clear despite my repeated offerings including removing the paci while having him in position. He's been down to nursing at bedtime, and a couple of times in the night while half asleep for a few months now. I'd so much rather be rejected than reject him, but rejection is hard no matter where it comes from, lol! I could probably easily wean him now by not offering when I come to bed (we co-sleep) as well as not offering in the early morning hours shortly before I get up, but I'm not sure if I want to. He's perfectly happy to nurse while half asleep, but now that he doesn't want it at all during his wakeful times, it somehow feels tainted to continue the sleepy nursing sessions which are more than just pacifier sucking sessions. I'm not sure if my question has an actual answer, but if you have some insight on the situation, I'd appreciate it.
I weaned my first son at 31 mos. after he'd gotten down to nursing only at bedtime for several months at that point because I was getting ready to TTC and found out that I had uterine prolapse. Because extended nursing reduces estrogen and therefor muscle tone, including in the pelvic floor muscle, I kind of freaked and abruptly ended that last session...quite easily, I might add. This time I wanted to let my DS make the decision, and it seems he is.
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Thu, 03-18-2010 - 9:24pm

Well.............I think I agree that you don't really want or need an answer...;-)

Just to reassure you it's very normal to have very mixed feelings about weaning whether it's mommy, baby or mutually decided. Even if you follow the baby's lead it may take longer than you think for him to totally stop.

**HUG**.....I always cry at weanings.........sniff...........sniff.

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