moving from room, bed and breast??

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moving from room, bed and breast??
Fri, 01-15-2010 - 10:42pm

I'm having a dilemma! I hope someone here can help very, very soon!

My 16 month old has been sleeping in our room and bed since she was born. She does a pretty good job of sleeping from about 7 til 11:30/midnight in her crib. sometimes she wakes and cries, but falls back to sleep. Once we go in the room to bed (we share a room) she wakes and we bring her into bed with us. She then proceeds to wiggle and nurse ALLLLLL night long. We've never tried any night weaning techniques.

Now...we're moving to another state in a couple of weeks. Part of me is excited to finally have a 2 bedroom, but part of me is wondering if we need to save our money and stick with a 1 bedroom! I feel like it's time for her to be in her own room and sleeping the whole night in her room. Maybe without us coming in the bedroom to interrupt her sleep, she sleep longer on her own, but I'm not counting on that. question(s) is/are: what do we do when we move?

Should I just plan on putting her in the crib to start with, then sleeping in the new room with her for a few nights, letting her continue to nurse on demand all through the night like she does now, then try night weaning? Or should we do night weaning right away? OR should we try night weaning while we're still in this familiar apartment before we move in a couple of weeks.

I'd appreciate any advice/help as soon as possible since we're sending in an application for an apartment tomorrow morning! eek!


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Sat, 01-16-2010 - 12:31am

Moving will be stressful alone for baby and during stressful times baby will need and want to nurse more since nursing is a source of comfort and consistency for them. IMO I would wait until things have settled down AFTER the move to make any big changes in routine. Also this age is an age when babies have a HIGH need for nursing and we often here moms mention that a baby this age is nursing like a newborn.

Experience and the research all tell us that night weaning becomes easier the closer the baby is to reaching this milestone on their own. From my own experience I can tell you that what did not work at 16-17 months worked around 19 months. That is in part because around 18 months baby becomes able to understand SIMPLE sentences. From Dr. Sears - Alternatives for the All Night Nurser:

What we did (we coslept full-time) was to tell DS#2 that the Nur Nurs have gone night night and when the sun came up they would wake up and he could nur nur. It did not work overnight, but it did work. That said, he still woke at night - he just did not ask to nurse. Night waking is common for the first 24 months.

Gentle methods for encouraging less night waking:

So getting the 1 bedroom or the 2 bedroom - that is up to you. You can start her out in her room in the crib and then bring her to bed with you when she wakes. You could also keep the crib in your room and continue what you are doing. If you have the second bedroom then you could set up a double bed (or whatever size you plan on putting her in - I like a double so that DH or I can lay down with them) to transition when you are ready to take her out of the crib. Or you could move up to a 2 bedroom later. Guess I am not a lot of help there. lol!


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Sat, 01-16-2010 - 1:04pm

I agree with Carol, there are lots of options but she’s likely to be a bit stressed by the move so it’s probably best to wait a bit and minimize other changes at this time.

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