poop question

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poop question
Fri, 05-08-2009 - 3:30pm

I'm full of questions suddenly. This solid food stuff is just hard. Soooo-Lacey has been eating solids almost daily for the past week. She has always pooped daily (or many times a day) in the past. She hasn't had a BM since Tuesday evening (so this is day 3 without one). I decided not to give her solids again until she does. I know it's not unusual for a BF baby to go a long time without pooping-but since this is something new & something that came after starting solids is it anything to be concerned about? She is still acting fine-not in pain or discomfort or anything. Who said a 2nd child was easier?!?!?! ;)

ETA: She just woke up from a nap & is in there filling her pants. Perfect timing!


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Fri, 05-08-2009 - 4:12pm

Pretty normal for things to change once they start solid foods ... especially if she's eating cereal, as I've always found it to be a bit constipating.

If she does begin to have difficulty having a bowel movement (they are going to become firmer w/ the addition of solid foods.