Rebuilding Supply after illness

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Rebuilding Supply after illness
Mon, 01-04-2010 - 10:52am

My little one is 10 mo old and nurses around the clock. I got really sick after Christmas and severely dehydrated and had very little in supply.

Since I was sick almost a week without being able to eat food and only able to consume very small amounts of fluid, I let him nurse as normal but offered him a bottle of formula 2x a day and lots of extra water just to keep his nutrition up so he wouldn't get sick. He does eat some solids as well. He goes from bottle to breast and back with no problem.

I am finally recovering and I am not supplementing with formula anymore though I am still offering him water. I am nursing him as usual and eating oatmeal for breakfast everyday. I try to let him hang out on breast as long as he wants to but he is really active and tends to not want to stay for very long. Anything else I should do or just let nature takes its course?

I should add I will need to day wean him in a month when I go back to work but plan to nurse him before and after work as long as he wants to.


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Mon, 01-04-2010 - 11:54pm

I would think you are on the right track. Offer plenty and let nature take its course.

By the age of your baby when you go back to work, you should be able to continue to BF outside of work hours for as long as both you and baby want.

It can be a great idea to continue to do so, especially for the immunities. If he is being cared for in a situation where he will be with others children, he is likely to come across all sorts of infections. The breastmilk will be a great boost to his system in terms of warding them off or fighting them if he does pick them up. There are a lot of good things to be said for continued nursing and child led weaning.

Also, when you are home on weekends or other days, you can still nurse more often on those days if you and baby wish to do so.