Refilling Pain ???

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Refilling Pain ???
Tue, 03-24-2009 - 10:33am
Hi, I decided to come out of lurkerville because I've been having pain since my dd was born and it's really starting to drive me crazy.
My dd is exactly 6 months and we've been EBF (except for her first feeding in the hospital). She only eats 1 breast per feeding and I have a deep dull pain in the used breast after each feeding. This pain sometimes lasts until the next feeding. It feels like maybe the breast is refilling and that is what is making it hurt. In the beginning I thought maybe the breast just has to get used to the whole breastfeeding thing and the pain would go away but it hasn't. There are a lot of other things going on in my life right now and suddenly this pain has just started to really get to me. Every once in a while I'll have a few days where I don't really notice much pain, I don't know why that is. I've read all about mastitis, thrush etc... but it doesn't seem to be any of those. It's not the nipples and it's not localized in one area, it's just overall the whole breast.

Anyway, sorry for rambling, if you have any idea as to what this might be I really appreciate it.

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Wed, 03-25-2009 - 4:56pm

I was hoping someone would have responded with some good info by now. I'm not exactly sure what to tell you. I guess the first thought I had was thrush, because you describe it as being deep? I'm wondering if it's deep in the ducts, kwim?

Probably the best thing to do is to see an IBCLC. Is there one in your area? I'm having a problem with the ICLA's website right now; I know they're doing some revamping.


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Thu, 03-26-2009 - 2:06pm

Here's the link to finding an IBCLC in your area: