Sudden pain while nursing

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Sudden pain while nursing
Mon, 08-10-2009 - 11:21pm

Well, its been 6 months now! We've made it this far, and I am very happy! On to my question...

The last few days, after my baby latches on, it KILLS me. This will last for most of the feeding. I am assuming that she is latching wrong, but unlatching and relatching isn't fixing it. When I pull her off, my nipple is really stretched out (more than usual) and flattened. Is she biting (gumming) me? Do we have thrush? My nipples don't seem itchy, hot, or anything like that, but maybe I am missing something? She doesn't seem to have any signs of thrush either. I have honestly dreaded feeding her the last 2 days since she started this. Why would she start latching wrong after 6 months? HELP!

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Tue, 08-11-2009 - 3:48am

Woot woot on making it 6 months!!!

Could baby be teething?

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