Too much sugar leads to restlessness?

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Too much sugar leads to restlessness?
Mon, 03-16-2009 - 7:42am

Ok, so I'm EBF my 7 month-old Allie.

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Mon, 03-16-2009 - 8:37am

It’s actually not difficult to know how much sugar your baby gets from breastmilk. The amount of sugar in your breast milk is tightly controlled where it’s manufactured in the breast. You cannot increase the amount of sugar in your milk by eating sugary foods.

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Mon, 03-16-2009 - 11:07am

I agree, it is not likely what you are eating that is the "problem"

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Mon, 03-16-2009 - 1:01pm

If she is allergic to dairy perhaps it is the dairy in the chocolate that is doing it. Chocolate also has caffeine in it. I know people say that you can take in caffeine - but if you don't normally in my experience it CAN affect baby. Even eating chocolate for me used to keep us both up!

But, could be teething, ears, just a phase, etc...

Good luck,

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