weaning 9mo on one side due to vasospasms

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weaning 9mo on one side due to vasospasms
Tue, 03-04-2014 - 6:10pm

My LO is just over 9 months old, and for the past month or so I've been suffering with pretty regular sharp, burning pain in just my rt breast after feeding OR pumping, that lasts for a good (bad!) 2-3 hrs, then subsides, but at the time it's practically unbearable, and afterwards it's still pretty tender/sensitive to the touch.  And it happens almost exclusively after the first feeding/pump of the day, so that makes me think it's not a latching problem.  Rice bag doesn't help either.  I'm assuming it's vasospasms due to some tissue damage that happened when i was having severely clogged ducts on that side about every 7-10 days for the month prior to when the pain started.  I don't think it's thrush just based on the appearance of the nipple, and it's just on one side, and This is my second child, and I had the same thing happen while nursing the first one, coincidentally at about the same age, too.  I did go see an MD when it happened then and it was diagnosed as vasospasms and I was given rx for nifedipine... which didn't really seem to help much.  I've taken nifedipine for 2-3 weeks this time too, and not much relief this time either (although i haven't been to an MD again- she closed her office since then).  I've been taking lecithin 2400mg twice a day and haven't had any clogging problems lately so I was hoping everything would heal up and be back to normal by now, but it's not and I don't know what else to do!  Should I try taking vitamin B6? 

I'm seriously considering just weaning off that offending breast otherwise (i can't handle it anymore!!!), but was concerned just one side wouldn't be enough?  I hope to continue BF for 1 yr, and then start weaning to cow's milk.  But how should I wean just one side when he's still eating 4xd, and a pretty healtly amount of 6oz/feeding i'd guess (that's how much he gets in a bottle)?  Will the other side pick up in production?

thanks for any input!

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Tue, 03-11-2014 - 9:11am

Sara, thanks for reaching out to us and sorry for my delay in response.

You've definitely got a more complicated situation! I'm curious as to whether you've been seen by an IBCLC yet and whether that's an option. If you can let me know where you're located (email me directly at dana@lauducci.com if you'd rather not post online), I'd be happy to try to recommend someone.

I'm wondering if your issue is vasospasm at all or something different. Honestly, I'm really not sure, Vasospasm typically happens on both sides and I would think the nifedepine would have at least helped somewhat if that were the case. 

If you've seen an IBCLC already and truly nothing is helping, I would definitely say weaning to one side only is a viable option for you. Your body should adjust fairly quickly to the one sided feedings and be able to produce enough just on one side. Can I assume baby is already taking a couple meals of solids as well? I've known moms who've fed on one side only for months or even years with no issues.

I hope that helps!

Dana Lauducci, IBCLC