What Do You Wish You Had Known...

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What Do You Wish You Had Known...
Fri, 06-14-2013 - 8:21am

Looking back on the last six months of your breastfeeding relationship, what do you wish you had known all along? What things have you learned that you wish you had known since baby was born?

Here's an article where the author shares The Good, the Bad and the Leaky: 7 Lessons Learned After 6 Months of Breastfeeding.

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Thu, 03-27-2014 - 4:09pm

I see this was posted almost a year ago! But just wanted to respond anyway. My little one is nearly four years old - we breastfed for just over two years. I was so done at 1, but she had other plans and started reading a lot about how to wean, if to wean, when to wean etc....so I figured I would let it go a little longer and a little longer turned into two years and at that point, we actively weaned. She was not nursing all that much by then, and even when she asked she might only nurse for a minute or two but I had to basically leave the house for two weeks and have daddy in charge of all wake-ups and bed times - finally she weaned. She did still ask for a few weeks after that - it was heartbreaking! But she came around and realized that time had passed. Anyway - what do I wish I had known? To give her a bottle when she was very young, so at least that was an option. Don't get me wrong - I was and still am a big proponent for breastfeeding - and had a beautiful wonderful experience with it that I wouldn't trade for the world (as I tear up! ugh!) but, it meant I was the only one getting up in the middle of the night for two years, it meant that bed time was linked to nursing so bed time was entirely my duty for two years, it meant that we could not have a babysitter for two years and it meant that when we did want to give her a bottle at 8 months - because she was off to day care and me back to work - she didn't! We had waited too long and she refused all kinds of bottles, we tried everything! So - like I said- I am happy for my experience and wouldn't want to have missed any of it but..... to have some options..... in life, in marriage, in parenting - it might have been a good idea to give her a bottle once in a while in the first few weeks/months of life so that it would be an option going forward. I know it can be tricky - nipple confusion - not wanting to pump - or not wanting to use formula - I know it might be a little tricky with all the issues - I am just saying, as a mom that works full-time - it might have been a good idea for us.