Why is my newborn hungry ALL THE TIME?

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Why is my newborn hungry ALL THE TIME?
Sat, 04-24-2010 - 9:50pm

My son is 6 days old, and he is constantly hungry. I bought a nipple shield because he would clamp down so hard, and get so excited every time he got near my breasts. He nurses on average, 30 minutes at a time. Sometimes he'll nurse for 15, stop for 5, and be hungry again, and nurse for another 15 minutes.
Then, 30 minutes later, he'll want food-nurses for 30 minutes, and wants food AGAIN within in hour.

During the night he wakes me up every hour or two wanting to nurse. Should he be this hungry? I was told to get him to nurse every 3 hours, but I'm nursing him way more than that.