Best Cloth Diapers??

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Best Cloth Diapers??
Thu, 06-20-2013 - 10:19pm


I am expecting baby 3 this coming fall. We currently have 2 boys in diapers - 1 of the boys has started potty training but we are still having to buy diapers. We are looking into what our best options would be for cloth diapers.

Any recommendations? I have done some reading up and most people seem to think All in Ones that grow along with your child is the best one to go by. any clue? 

Also what brand is a good one to get too?

I'd appreciate any guidance to this!! Never used cloth diapers and I don't have any family or friends in the area we live in currently so its been a whirlwind trying to figure it out on my own.

Thanks again

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Wed, 06-26-2013 - 2:40pm

Hey Congrats on your upcoming #3!!!

Cloth is a great option if you have a bunch all in diaps at the same time.  All in ones are a very popular option because they are very "user friendly."  They are the most like disposables as far as convenience, but are often the most expensive per diaper to buy. If you are starting out trying to buy for 1 kid, it may not be too expensive.  If you are starting out trying to buy enough for 3 at the same time, it could be very pricey (think 3 kids, wearing maybe 22 diapers per day between them means you need at least 44 + a few to start with).  All-in-one diaps run $10 on the very low cost end to $25+ on the expensive end per diaper.  If you start with 50 diapers, this means you are spending $500-$1250 up front to get started doing cloth for all 3 at once.  Were you planning to really switch all 3 to cloth at one time?

As far as what brand to buy, there are a lot of good ones out there.

Has lots of reviews of different brands.  I will say that cloth diapers fit more like clothing.  So some will fit some body types better than others (skinny legs or super chubby thighs, round belly or bottom) and some work better at different stages (newborn, crawler, todder, etc.)  The reviews might help you find things that fit your kids shapes better and get a feel for how people like the different products.

For an overview of a lot of diapering information, I've pasted links to two other threads that should be useful.  Very basic overview of pretty much everything related to cloth diapering.

Hope that helps!