How many of each type?

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How many of each type?
Mon, 08-22-2011 - 10:41am

Ok little girl is due in just 5 weeks(we're most likely having and early delivery as Ive developed cholestasis and LO is breech anyway) and Im still agnozining over my diaper stash..I didnt drop a ton on newborn diapers..I just bought 2 dozen prefolds and 6 covers that will truely fit newborn to 12 lbs..Prior to buying these I bought 15 OS pockets that wil work from about 12 lbs and also purchased 2 dozen infant sized prefolds..7-15lbs and covers..How many of each should I have? I am a bit OCD about things matching up and I would hate having too many different types of diapers..Do prefolds work better for somethings and pockets for others?I was thinking pockets would be easier when we're out and about and for night..but the prefolds for regular day use? IDK Ive never done this before but as I stated having too many different kinds is likely to really make me crazy...Any suggestions as to what I should have in my stash for what? Any advice would be helpful..

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Tue, 08-23-2011 - 8:27am
I think you're fine, but it's always easy to order more in a few months if you need to.

I had 24 newborn diapers (12 prefolds and 12 fitteds) with 6 newborn covers. Then I had 12 infant prefolds and 2 covers, but those were my back-ups. I washed ever other day.

After newborn stage I went into pockets full time. I have ~20 one size pockets, and that was a good number. I started with about 15 and that worked, but I wanted more of a buffer on washing days. I washed about every 3 days.

I also don't have many different kinds of diapers, so I understand not wanting too much variety! In my case, my DH gets freaked out when there are choices, so I kept it simple for him.
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Fri, 08-26-2011 - 10:21pm
I think you've got a really nice stash. You can always use your infant prefolds for back up in the newborn period. I'm really not a pocket fan so I don't see any advantages there other than maybe a little easier for a babysitter. You may find that your regular covers don't work well for night time if you have a heavy wetter. A lot of people use a wool cover at night or sometimes bamboo or hemp doublers.