Need recommendations where to De-Stash CD

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Need recommendations where to De-Stash CD
Mon, 12-10-2012 - 1:15pm

Hi Ladies  its been a while since I've popped on here to post.

I'm looking for recommendations on where I can un load my stash!  I was going to try diaperswappers, but they've limited who can sell - based upon #of posts in the community - which is  limiting my selling options.

Any recommendaitons on where to get rid of my stash of yellow edge GMD prefolds, red edge GMD Prefolds, fuzibunz perfect size large, tinytushes, swaddlebees simplex 2.0, motherease training pants, & Aristrocrats wool covers/soakers.  I'm also looking to get rid of my ergo carrier and my moby wrap

any and all suggestions would be appreciated.   ds started PT, and refused to wear cloth diapers anymore. 


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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 1:29pm


I have not actually sold any of my stuff (still hoping for a 2nd bundle of joy), but I know that Nicki's diapers has section in their online store for gently used stuff.  A friend of mine in PA used a site called .  I have not used it, so I can't vouch for it, but she seemed to like it.

If you want to do something local, maybe craig's list or posting with a local birthing center would work for you?  I know that the place I went for prenatal yoga and birth classes had listing for local baby supplies and goods.  I saw postings there for cloth stashes. 

Hope that helps!!