Recomandations for expectant mom

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Recomandations for expectant mom
Mon, 11-12-2012 - 6:43pm

Hi I'm an expecting mom and am planning on using cloth diapers primarily when my little one comes.  I've ordered just a few Kawaii pocket diapers at this point but am planning on ordering some others before the baby comes.  I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on types of diapers.  I was originally thinking of just getting one size, but after seeing them I'm thinking I'm going to need some small sized diapers and not just the one size.  Has anyone tried one size on a newborn and have advice?  I'm also wondering about any recommendations on what has worked better for you or if it's more a preference on type of diapers.  DH will probably not do well with prefold so I'm thinking probably more all in one's or pockets or fitted with covers, but wondered what everyone here thinks.  I hope I'm not giving myself another thing to worry about as a new mom.  I already am facing so many new challenges and I want this to not be an issue when the baby comes.


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Congrats on the little one!!!!  When are you due?

IMHO, doing a little bit of thinking ahead of time goes a long way.  You make some choices about diapering before your LO comes and then you are in good shape.  I didn't find it to be terribly overwhelming to cloth diaper even with a new baby at home (not more than just becoming a mom at least!), and I was really glad that I did some research ahead of time so I could be prepared.

My recommendation for starting cloth is to get a mix of a few things and see what you like, then stock up once the baby comes.  You will have to wash a lot at the beginning anyway, so it's not like you will save yourself time by having lots of extras at the very beginning.  The other thing about cloth is that babies (like mommies) are shaped differently....some are long and skinny, while others are tiny or huge and chubby.  You won't know what kind you got until he or she is out, so it is hard to know what diapers will fit him or her best.  But this is just my opinion.

For me I started out with a mix of prefolds + covers, and pockets.  We used prefolds at home mostly for cost savings and easy of laundering.  We took pockets generally when we went out places or if grandma was diapering.  I know you said that your DH won't bother with a prefold, but I still suggest getting a few with a cover (Thirsties duo wrap, rumperooz, Bummis, Capri by Swaddlebees are my personal covers of choice).  Nothing else is as versitile or holds in newborn poop the way a prefold and cover does in my experience.  Your DH won't have to use those, but I think in the long run you might really like to have some on hand.

I think you are correct about the one sized diapers.  The pocket diaps I started out with were all one-sized, but my DS was really big (long and skinny) so he could wear them early.  Some kids can wear OS diaps as newborns but many cannot.  Many brands specifically say that they are going to be too big for the average newborn and have a recommended start weight of around 10pounds.  Some parents opt to use disposables at the beginning until the OS diapers fit.  Others use prefolds and covers for a little while.  Still others do get a smaller, sized diaper of some kind. 

As far as what pocket diapers we started out with, it was fuzzibuns one sized, oh Katy, rumperooz, and a happy heinys micro (this is a newborn pocket diap I believe).  Of these 4, I like the fuzzibuns the best when he was little.  It has adjustable leg elastic that was very important for a kid with skinny legs like my DS.

Rumperooz actually makes a newborn pocket diaper--the Lil'Joey that is supposed to be great for newborns based on the online reviews.  I personally found the rumperooz one size smaller than most of the other one sized diapers.  I can't imagine how small their newborn diaper is....will work for some, but not for my giant baby (just to be clear he was 24 inches long when he was born and hit 11 pounds by the time he was 3 weeks old, so he also was too big for most newborn clothing by the time he was 2 weeks old).  The happy heineys micro is also a newborn pocket diap that we tried.  The fit was nice, but there was no way to separately tighten down the leg holes which we really needed.

I also really like the Thirsties duo diaper.  It is super durable, pretty trim and easy to stuff with extra inserts as needed.  It is not a true one sized diaper though.  It is a 2 sized, but I actually believe that the 2 sizes that Thirsties offers could take most babies from newborn to potty training for real (I do not believe that most one-sized diapers will do anything like this).  The thirsties duo diap is actually what I recently recommended to a friend of mine when she started cloth diapering her newborn daughter in September.  Plus, Thirsties is made in the USA--which is great.

Another family at our daycare does cloth also and they only did sized diapers--fuzzibuns small and medium got both of their girls all the way from birth to potty training. I don't like the fuzzibuns sized diapers as much as the fuzzibuns OS diaps because it doesn't have the adjustable leg elastic that is very important for us.  unfortunately for me, the OS stopped fitting my DS a while ago.  Pretty much all our OS diapers were outgrown a while ago except for the Oh Katy which is just maxed out now (but in amazingly good condition and still with excellent absorbance--this is a great diaper IMHO that doesn't get a lot of attention--very slim too).

Swaddlebees simplex also makes a newborn all-in-one.  I have not tried this, but I use the swaddlebees simplex on my DS now (about to turn 2) and it is our favorite of the convenience diapers (things that are not prefolds).  It is easy to add extra stuffing, not prone to stink, and comes in some really cute patterns.  I love it for a big kid but dont' know about how it would work for a little one.....different shapes and different needs.

So you have options.  I don't know if that is good to know or not.  Please let us know if you have more questions.  I'm sure some of the other cloth diaper families have different experiences and can give a different perspective.