Anyone second time around?

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Anyone second time around?
Sat, 11-16-2013 - 12:16pm

Hi ladies! 

Haven't been here in three years...didn't plan on being back on this board but hey ho that's how things go. DS2 is 6 weeks have been EPing for 3 weeks, last time round with DS1 i followed all the rules with pumping to a tee, this time I've been more relaxed, i.e. I only pump 5x, have no MOTN pump, stop pumping when milk is just trickling. I've had no problems so far at all, and am producing 35oz-40oz per day. My question is to any second time pumpers, do you think I could drop a pump before the 12 week mark without too much bother? LO only taking about 25oz a day so freezer supply way up already. Im just feeling bad on DS1 as im either giving the baby a bottle or pumping or sterilizing're all well aware of how time consuming it is. The guilt is killing me, what a big change for a three year old anyway, never mind the extra time taken from him for EPing. Anyway - after a very waffly you think I could go from 5x to 4x before twelve weeks as its second time around?