HELP!! Can I transition to the breast?

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HELP!! Can I transition to the breast?
Tue, 04-17-2012 - 1:09am
Hi all!! Warning: this might get long!

I have a beautiful baby boy who just turned 3 mos on the 12th, I have been pumping since day 1! I pump 5-6x a day and get around 30-32 oz which is enough to only give him BM and have a little extra some days. I am good with pumping BUT have recently felt the need to try breastfeeding I crazy?!?

Some background info... Since I found out I was pregnant I was sooo excited to breastfeed. Went to La Leche meeting, read books and everything. I anticipated a challenge being large (42DDD) and having flat nipples, but I was up for it. I was determined. Sadly, at 6mos pregnant I found out something about my husband that shattered me emotionally. We seperated and I have now decided to get a divorce. Still, I went to Bradley classes during the last few weeks and had my son totally naturally in hopes of having a better chance at BF. We had some small luck at the hospital latching WITH a breastshield. But not again after we got home. That is when I decided to EP.

But, now I feel like I didnt give my baby (or myself)
a fair chance! Having all the problems with my husband, being a new mom, and full time student plus working part time, I feel I didnt try hard enough to BF. Now, I am at peace with my decision to get a divorce, and am about to graduate with my BS, and am in a MUCH better place.

I don't know where else to turn, so I decided to post
here, since Ive gotteb help with EP questuons before I figured I give this a shot too. Am I crazy for thinking I can START breastfeeding this late?? Any advice, tips, or personal stories? Where should I begin!?

SORRY for the novel and thanks to those who actually took the time to read it! Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!

Xoxo- Kassandra
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Tue, 04-17-2012 - 3:43pm
Thx for the replies! I saw an LC in the early weeks with no luck. I will look into seeing one again to give it one last go. I tried today with a breastshield and he did latch on a few times, but only for a few seconds. He mostly just stared at me with his big, bright, gray, beautiful was like he was saying "youre kidding me right, you want me to do whay!?" Haha then he eventually started crying after a few times. I will look into the LC and keep trying on my own. Thx ladies!
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Tue, 04-17-2012 - 12:52pm
All babies are different, so there's no specific "too late" point for all babies. I think it is worth a shot. I gave breastfeeding several chances (with lots of help from LC's) and the last one was at 12 weeks because I felt like I would feel sad if I didn't give it one last go. I was disappointed when it didn't work out, but I felt that I had exhausted all options so I did not feel guilty.

If you can find user skycheattraffic, she got her baby back to breast after several weeks of EPing--might have even been 12 weeks, not sure. She might be a good resource for you, in addition to an LC.

Remember, whatever happens, just having a baby is a lot emotionally and you went through a lot more than that and have a beautiful healthy baby. So whatever happens, you should feel proud of yourself.


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Tue, 04-17-2012 - 12:29pm
Is it an option for you to make an appointment with a board certified lactation consultant?
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Tue, 04-17-2012 - 7:30am

It's never too late to try. I would suggest finding yourself a good lactation consultant or calling the Le Leche League leader from the meetings you were going to. I had one of the leaders come to my house and spend two hours with my son and I. I wasn't able to get my son back to breast at the 12 week mark, but that doesn't mean you won't. Just be prepared to handle the emotional side of trying all over. That was the hard part for me was feeling rejected all over again.