Supply after a Clog...

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Supply after a Clog...
Thu, 01-10-2013 - 9:22pm

Hey Pumping Mommas!

I have been pumping for 3 months now. About three weeks ago I dropped to from 6 to 5 pumps a day. Getting almost 10 ounce at each pump.  Last night in between my 2am and 6 am pump I lost about an ounce and a half from my right breast! Every subsequent pump has been lacking in that breast only. I notice some serious tenderness last night, thinking I might have a clogged duct. I’m doing all the recommended things, heat, ibprophen, and massaging. My biggest fear is that I wont get those few ounces back. Does anyone have experience with supply after a clog? Do I need to go back to 6+ times a day to get the supply back up?