Baby tummy problems

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Baby tummy problems
Wed, 02-08-2012 - 11:41am
My baby is having alot of stomach issues. Gas, pain, constant pooping, and reflux. I have been giving him Similac for sensitive stomachs (orangr can) for 2 days, and is doing alot better, but I want to start giving him my BM again ASAP!! I have been pumping and freezing for now.

How do I go about eliminating foods from my diet that
may be giving him issues??? This is my first baby so I havr no idea how to do this! Any siggestions would be great!

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Wed, 02-08-2012 - 3:00pm

I had major issues with my first lo.

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Thu, 02-16-2012 - 2:13pm

for my older son anything berry was a nightmare of screaming, so I am avoiding that with my son now, but just today realized I ate pineapple yesterday, and he is screaming today, so I think I will avoid pineapple also. It really stinks because I love strawberries and blueberries, but i won't eat them until I stop bf.

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Tue, 03-06-2012 - 5:17pm
I have to avoid broccoli, cauliflower, beans and anything super spicy. Just some ideas . . . in case you have eaten any of those before the crankiness!!! Hopefully you have it all figured out by now!
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Tue, 03-06-2012 - 11:21pm
I started out avoiding the obvious gassy veggies. Then I cut out dairy. Months later an LC told me to try stopping all veggies. IT WORKED!!!!!! and now I am slowly adding them back in to figure out what it is, or how much volume it is.
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Thu, 03-08-2012 - 7:51pm
The most likely sources to produce a reaction is dairy and soy. First cut dairy out it will take 2 full weeks for it to exit your system and babies. Next culprit is soy that's a little harder to cut out. Formula will not help if it's a dairy intolerance unless you use a hypo allergenic formula like nutrimigen or allimentum. My pediatric GI doc said 80% of colic is caused by dairy or soy intolerances. If you're really unlucky and get a kid like mine who is lactose intolerant u cant do much until they can take lactose free milk or give them a soy formula but that can also cause other issues. Good luck I hope it works for you try keeping a food journal and see if u can pin point what makes baby the most cranky