Baby's poor appetite

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Baby's poor appetite
Thu, 03-29-2012 - 10:24pm


Perhaps any of you can help me or advice me what to do. My daughter is now 3 months old and has a poor appetite. She takes an average of 21 oz a day (650 ml), sometimes only 575 ml and 700 ml on a really good day. Her pedriatrician is asking me to give her 800 ml per day. She is gaining weight but not as quick as he wishes her to. She was at the 50th percentiles, and now down to the 33 percentiles (but never lost weight), he wish that she gains between 30 to 33 g a day.

On the other hand, she is very alert, she coos a lot and does all the physical movements expected of babies her age (maybe even a little more, like she can turn on her side since a while).

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Fri, 03-30-2012 - 9:26am

As long as your LO is growing and putting on weight, I wouldn't worry to much.

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Fri, 03-30-2012 - 1:53pm

every baby is different. i think as long as your baby is growing and acting happy and healthy, you are fine. my first daughter was low percentage too, no big deal. my ped was surprised that i was able to ep and it can be done. i did it for 10.5mo (til i found out i was preg with #2 andenough to get to one year) and im doing it now with my second. dont let it discourage yu that someone thinks they know everything about everything. if your baby is happy and growing, i wouldnt be too concerned. maybe you can start some cereal soon too? maybe ask your dr about that?

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Tue, 09-25-2012 - 3:56am
My daughter is 12 weeks and only drinks 20-24 ounces a day. From what I've heard that's pretty nornal
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