Balancing time between LO and pumping

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Balancing time between LO and pumping
Sun, 05-20-2012 - 8:30pm

Hi Everyone,

My son is 5 weeks old and I have been EPing since day 1 because of latching issues. 

I'm wondering how everyone balances time between their baby and pumping.  I spend about 3 hours per day on the pump (30 -40 minutes, 6 times per day).  I try to do this while he is napping or sleeping, but he is not yet on a schedule so it is very difficult.  My husband works from home (luckily) so he takes care of my son while I am pumping, but I feel very guilty about this.  There are countless times where he is sleeping on my chest and I have to give him to my husband because I have to pump.

I have tried the hands free bras and kits, but the issue is that the flanges do not properly stay attached to my body, so I have to constantly hold them to avoid having them leak down my stomach.  The bra holds them in place, but doesn't hold the suction so it just ends up getting soaked with milk that leaks when the suction breaks.

I'm getting very discouraged and feeling like quitting, even though my original goal was 6 months.  On top of this, my son now has bloody poop and the doctor thinks it is a milk protein allergy.  If I were to quit pumping now, he would have to be on a special formula that is full of even more disgusting ingredients than the standard formula.

What is everyone doing to balance the time?  TIA.

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Tue, 08-28-2012 - 2:23pm

Oh, those first few weeks are really tough.  Brings back some tough memories.  OK, tips.  One, I agree that the best suction and fit comes from a tight sports bra.  You can tell its tight enough when it feels like the girls are a little smashed together and flanges totally don't move even without suction on.  Second, bouncy chair is awesome.  Third, as he gets older you will be able to give him toys, let him watch Baby Einstein, sing, etc...  Finally, there is no way around it; it does totally blow to have to put your baby down to pump when the only thing you want to do is cuddle that little one, but just remember that its all worth it so he can get some amazing momma milk.