New: need advice--eping for 8 weeks

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New: need advice--eping for 8 weeks
Tue, 07-17-2012 - 7:06pm
Hi all, New to this site and hoping to get some advice. My baby was born 11 weeks early his corected age is 36 weeks and he is still in the nicu. He is learning how to bottle feed. I have tried to bf a few times but it has not been successful. The lcs have been with me unfortunately both times the baby was asleep. The times when he has been awake, i felt him suck briefly but thatnhas been for less than 3 min. I was recommended to use a shield, but im worry to get him use to the plastic, that since ill be going back to work im worry he will only want the bottle. Im not sure how ill keep my milk supply up. Too many unknowns and im worried. Any advice/encouragement is welcomed. Thanks!
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Wed, 08-15-2012 - 1:02am
You might also pump in addition to the shield. No one told me and the lc removed the packaging for me. I guess it says on it to be sure to pump while using, b/c the stimulation is not the same. I had to work hard to bring my supply back and ended up eping (for several reasons). Good luck and congratulations! I hope he continues to bf.
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Tue, 07-31-2012 - 7:17am

check out the beginner's guide in the first section on this board. it has tons of useful info and helpful hints to make pumping easier. with my first, i tried to use the shield for a few weeks, it was horrible, and i ended up just switching to ep'ing. good luck to you and congratulations!