takibg lecethin but baby is dairy sensitive

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takibg lecethin but baby is dairy sensitive
Mon, 07-30-2012 - 4:49pm
I've got the worse clog! Not even sure where exactly is is as large area hurts. I went from pumping 40 min 4 times a day to 30 min and boom a clog. I did this to lower supply a bit ( hasn't worked).
Baby seems to be dairy sensitive and this weeekend I cheated a lot (scrambled egg, cookie and peice of cheese)... I also ate it to see how dd would do BUT I started taking lecithin at same time too. Dd is very gassy today and yesterday but is it dairy or lecethin? I stoppef taking lecethin regularly when I stopped dairy.
I've been consistently been pumping 1-2oz less on clogged side too.
I guesd my question is do you think lecithin could be causing gassiness