Best price for pump in style

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Best price for pump in style
Sun, 03-20-2011 - 9:53pm

I've been searching the internet trying to find the best price to buy one of these but I knew that my tried and true pumpers on this board would probably know. I had one before and pumped some with my first two sons but that was 4 years ago and I dont have the pump anymore. So any ideas of where I shoudl buy?


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Tue, 03-22-2011 - 6:42am

I bought my Medela Freestyle off e-bay it came brand new in a sealed box and was about $150 cheaper then in stores! I love the freestyle coz its so light weight and you can go handsfree and carry it around the house very easily.

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Tue, 03-22-2011 - 2:24pm

I found the best prices at Add A Little Love.

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Thu, 03-24-2011 - 12:43am

I was going to suggest Add a Little Love too! There are other places like that too. Definitely stay away from places like Babies R Us-even with their sales and coupons, they will not beat Add a Little Love. I saw some on Ebay that I thought about getting but in the end I just felt better getting it from a actual lactation business because I knew the warranty and customer support would be there.