Dropping pump but losing supply

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Dropping pump but losing supply
Tue, 09-11-2012 - 12:26pm
Hi! My LO is about 7 weeks old and I would like to drop from 8 to 7 pumps and slowly decrease pumps from there since my work schedule will not allow for me to pump every 3 hrs. I tried spacing MOTN pumps from 3 to 4 hours. My changed schedule: 1am, 5 am, 9am, 12,3p, 6p, 9pm. I usually get engorged after 2 hours so when I started this schedule 2 days ago I saw a decrease in my supply fr each breast by about an oz. I usually get 4-6 opp now it is less than 4 oz. I feel really engorged that I was afraid I'm gonna get clogged duct which I don't think I have. I've had this pins n needles feeling ever since but no lumps. So today I tried 12 am, 4am, 7am,10am,1pm so far. Supply is still about 4opp. Should I continue this schedule or go back to the other? Thanks for any advice.