Dropping pumps

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Dropping pumps
Sat, 09-15-2012 - 12:23pm

Hi everyone! I'm new to this board (just found it!!!!). I've been pumping for my twin boys since they were born and they are actually exactly 6 months today! I started with pumping every 3 hours and now am pumping 4 times a day, and getting about 70-75 ounces. I'm wondering if I could drop another pump (I only dropped down to 4 about a week or two ago!). I would love to be down to 3 pumps a day, but I also want to give them only BM for a while longer. Is 3 pumps unrealistic? I pump for about 3.5 hours a day (about 45-60 minutes a pump). I'm happy to increase the minutes per pump if I could cut down to 3 pumps. Any advice would be great! Thanks!!!!