Exclusively pumping and so glad I found this website!

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Exclusively pumping and so glad I found this website!
Sun, 01-09-2011 - 3:34pm

Hi...I have been exclusively pumping my breastmilk for the past 7 weeks. My little girl wouldnt latch on :( It seems my nipple is too big for her little mouth and since she also has to have part of the areola in her mouth also it just wasnt working out. I was ready to give up trying but I really wanted my baby to have all the health benefits of breastmilk so I decided to just pump and feed her the breastmilk with a bottle. At first I felt so guilty because it's not the norm but since I couldnt breastfeed and didn't want to do formula I saw no other option for me. I didn't realize how many other women out there do this but I am happy to know I'm not alone. It is more work and I am still embarassed to tell people, I haven't told her pediatrician because when I tried to explain the situation I got a "look" from the md and she made me feel guilty as did my own ob. I hate that people are closed minded about this and wish they would research before making me feel like I am not doing what's best for my little girl. Anyway, it is work but so worth it!! I still get the bonding time and my baby girl gets the benefits so it's a win/win!

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Hello and welcome! You will definitely find a lot of women on here in similar situation! I can totally relate to your experience. Explaining to people why I do what I do has made it so much more unpleasant. In my country it is probably is unheard of-you either BF or FF. I found this board at 4 months pp and was definitely surprised how many women do it :) don't feel guilty- you do the best you can in your situation and should only be proud about it. My son also just couldn't latch ( I have inverted nipples), so for us it was either pumping and bottle-feeding or going straight to formula. And I was not going to go the formula route with my son.
If you still want to BF though you could keep trying to latch your LO once in awhile, sometimes they grow and find a way to figure it out. But if that doesn't work-you could just EP and provide BM that way for as long as you like. This place is great for getting support and advise. See you around :)
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I tell everyone I can about EPing - I love educating people to different options out there. By talking about it I gave a woman I work with an option she had never thougth of or heard of. I

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