Exclusively pumping&a milk supply

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Exclusively pumping&a milk supply
Mon, 08-04-2014 - 7:06am

My daughter just turned 7 weeks on Friday. My thoughts, before she was born, was that I would breast feed and pump that way my husband could feed her also. Unfortunately, this isn't the way it turned out and she wouldnt latch on very well and would always fall asleep when feeding. I also liked knowing how much she was getting so that's why I decided to pump exclusively. I feel like I've tried everything to make my supply increase. I've tried fenugreek vitamins which made me smell like grass lol and those didn't work. I've also tried drinking a Guinness after a pumping and waiting 2-3 hours to pump and I've also tried the mothers milk tea for a few days and that didn't work. My daughter drinks about 4.5 oz a feeding now and I've only been getting 2.5 oz when pumping from both breast together so we have to supplement with formula the other 2 oz. I don't have a major problem with this but I really wish I could give her just my milk. Any opinions/ advice?? I don't wanna give up but sometimes I just feel like I'm not good enough! 

Thank you