frozen milk smells and tastes horrible!

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frozen milk smells and tastes horrible!
Thu, 02-07-2013 - 6:46pm

I've read that a baby won't drink rotten brest milk, but oh my goodness...I just tasted a by of recently warmed breast milk and it tasted HORRIBLE! Yuck! I thought maybe it was a bad bag so I offere it to her and she gobble the whole thing down. She's been on 100% frozen beast milk for over a month now and is still healthy, happy and is this just the normal smell?? It's smells musty, dusty...mildew..ick!

Anybody else have experience with this?



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Fri, 02-08-2013 - 12:54pm

Hi Amy,

It's good that she's still drinking it!  My first thought was that maybe you should try a different type of bags.  Then I did a google search to see what it brought up and one suggestion was taking a look at other things in the freezer to see if they are giving off an odor.  Maybe putting some baking soda in the freezer would help?

Here's a few more ideas I came by-

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Thu, 02-21-2013 - 10:07am


Your milk is not rotten Most likely you have high lipase! My frozen milk tasted the same way, almost like spit up! Lipase breaks down the fat, which makes the milk taste sweet. I talked to a LC about it. She said it’s perfectly safe and healthy for baby. Some babies do reject the taste, if that was the case she suggested to bring all expressed milk to a simmer then cool and freeze immediately. However, I have to imagine this damages some of the precious nutrients. So if she takes it, why bother? Since my milk is the same way I’ve read a lot about it. A couple suggestions I’ve come across are if you wash pump parts and bottles with “hard water” that can cause the lipase to breakdown faster. You could try rinsing in distilled water. I also read that one mom said chilling the milk before she froze stopped the change…not sure how. But I’ve taken the stance, If he drinks it…why bother!?