Hello! Another new person! :)

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Hello! Another new person! :)
Fri, 09-21-2012 - 11:39am
Hey all, I'm another eping mom! I had my wonderful son on July 16, 2012 via emergency C-Section. He weighed 9lbs, 7 oz. I tried breast feeding and it was super easy for the first feed... then my son decided he hated my boob and would latch on correctly, rip himself off, then I would put him back on, and he'd dig his gums into my boob. My breasts had so many bruises on them, I couldn't put him near my breast and I was crying most of the time. It didn't help that I just had major surgery. A lot of the women in my husband's family had formula fed, but I had worked it so much in my mind that I wanted to breastfeed that I fell into a pretty hard depression of feeling inadequate. Finally, after two days of having the nurses shove my son onto my breast and me tearing up, a nurse asked me if I wanted to try and pump just so I wouldn't lose my supply and I said yes. My milk was already in after 48 hours! It was amazing. I had the supply by my son was so big and he wanted to drink NOW that he would get frustrated and start crying... as I pumped the first time I thought for the first time, "I can actually do this, I wouldn't mind having to exclusively pump... no worrying about him bruising my breasts when he's angrily chomping (which he sometimes does still, eesh)." Mind you, I still tried for two weeks after I got out of the hospital at least once a day with a breast shield to breastfeed, but he was the same with his latch on correctly, latch on, bite. Since I've started eping, I feel a lot better about myself, a lot better about my son, and the best part is everyone can be involved in his feeding! I have a beginner question, my son just turned 2 months old, and before that I was able to get 5-7 pumps in (I get 150mL/5oz in both breasts at 20 minutes). I went back to night school and am having trouble getting even 4 in a day on my school days. Should I worry about decrease in milk supply? I can't really pump at school and I'm there or in transit for about 6 hours. :/ Also, is it normal for my dominate breast to change? Suddenly my right is supplying much more than my left, and it was my left breast that was producing more milk. I'm so glad I was able to find this community and look forward to hearing from you all!
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Fri, 09-21-2012 - 3:39pm

Welcome to the board!!!

I can say that over time my production in each breast changed. At first my left was the higher then my right and back to my left.  As long as you are getting the same total quantity I wouldn't worry much.  It is highly recommend that you pump every 2-3 hours for the first 12 weeks to make sure that you maintain your supply.  Everyone is different so this may not be necessary for you. 

You may also want to look into pumping while you are traveling - as long as your commute is more then 20 minutes each way you can get in at least 2 pumps.  It sounds awkward but I was able to pump while driving and it really helped me out to make sure that was either pumping on schedule or using my time the best way possible.  I know that there was a different posting that went over how to drive while pumping.  If you do try it, I recommend trying a practice run before you need to put it in practice. 

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Mon, 09-24-2012 - 2:52pm

I know that this sounds very award and it sure would take some practice... but I pumped in more public places then I can count.  If you can figure out how to pump in public you may be able to pump on the subway or at school if you have a break. And it would depend on how crowded it is and now long of a trip... 

Some of my tips to make it possible:

1) get something to cover up with.  I used a nursing shaw.  And worked great.  Not all nursing shaws are created equal.  Mine wrapped around me and seemed to cover more then some others I saw.  When I was hooked up, many people just assumed that I had a baby under it and not my pump.  :smileyhappy:  Make sure that it is long enough that you are covered while hooked up. 

2)  Get a hands free bra - or create something to help you with the pump. This helped me to adjust the pump to the proper location while keeping my self very covered. I usually wore this around my waist.  That way I could pull it up easily when I needed to hook up. 

3) Small flash light if the lighting is poor or you want to not expose any flesh while checking to make sure you are hooked up correctly.

4) Cooler with ice packs and lids to the bottles.

5) Practice in front of a mirror until you are comfortable.

My husband corrected me on more then one occasion that I was showing to much cleavage (only the top of my boobs were showing and not more then some girls show on a regular basis) when hooking up in a restaurant.  :smileyhappy: 

I pumped for 14 months in a cube farm with 5 full time male co-workers and 20 student employees asking me questions all day long.  After the first couple of weeks I got over being embarrassed.  It took a while. :smileyhappy:   I would not have made it very long if I didn't get over public pumping.   And to be honest, I was inspired by my BF cousin that could BF her baby where ever she needed to.  I figured if she could whip out her boob and stick a baby on it, I could hide under something and stick a pump on me.  The only people I hid from were my Grandpa and my father in-law.  Grandpa at 93 is to old to pump in front of.  And father in-law didn't get it and chose to not be around me when I was pumping.  :smileyhappy:

You can also talk to your school.  I work for a University and at the end of my pumping experience they set up rooms for pumping mothers.  Yours may have the same that you can schedule to use that is a little more private.  You may want to check with Human Resources. They would know if there are designated places and tell you who to contact to schedule something.   Good luck.  Pumping while running around for school has to be tough.