High suction used to hurt but not anymore, me or the pump?

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High suction used to hurt but not anymore, me or the pump?
Wed, 08-22-2012 - 5:29pm

I’ve made it to 6 months exclusively pumping from the first week.  I’ve been struggling with quitting since I’ve already had to supplement with formula and I’m getting so burned out on lugging this pump around everywhere.  I dropped the MOTN pump and have only been pumping 4x/day.  Tired to convince myself that I’d make do with whatever happened but the guilt is killing me when I have to make an entire bottle of formula.  In the past, I was never able to turn the suction up very high on the Medela Symphony pump I rent but recently I’ve been turning it up all the way and feel no discomfort.  I don’t feel like the suction is as strong since it doesn’t hurt.  I’ve always changed the white membranes on a regular basis.  I just replaced the tubing which helped with the membranes “flapping” but I still turn it up all the way.  I’m wondering if replacing anything else would help.  I’m not sure if my body is changing or if there is something wrong with my pumping accessories.  I could probably exchange the pump but I don’t feel like it’s the pump.  The air coming out of the tubing seems strong and same as it’s always been.  Thanks!

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I had a similar thing happen and I had my pump tested at a place that rented pumps. They put a special gauge in it to check the suction. It turned out that my pump was within the expected range, and my body had just grown accustomed to it over time. The place where you rent your symphony should have one of these devices and be able to check it for you. Then you can know for sure if the pump has an issue.


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Maybe you change something about pumping? more comfortable place or more interesting book etc? It might affect your sensitivity too.Plus, part of the sensetivity coming from chafing. Less pumping session=less chafing=less painfull.

I can turn up suction much higher if I drive, for eg.