Hospital Grade pump vs Commercial Grade pump

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Hospital Grade pump vs Commercial Grade pump
Wed, 01-30-2013 - 5:47pm

Hello!  This is my first time posting on the forum.  I am fairly new to EP (approx 2 weeks) and doing well with it so far.  I will be going back to work full time on March 4th.  My husband is staying home with our son full time.  I need to pump to make sure he has enough on hand to feed our boy during the day after I return to work.  When I told my lactation consultant that I was going to EP, she suggested I use a Hospital Grade pump if I am to keep my supply up and did not think my pump would be sufficient.

I own the Medela Freestyle pump.  So, based on her advice, I rented the Medela Symphony pump.  I have found that I actually get more milk with the Freestyle over the Symphony.  Has anyone else experienced this as well?  Is there a tremendous benefit to using a Hospital Grade pump over a Commercial Grade pump?  I was using the Symphony exclusively once I rented it but switched back to my pump again when I was able to produce more.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.  I don't want to risk lowering my supply long term just because I have a higher output now if there is a value.

Thanks in advance!