How bad is it to take antibiotics while eping?

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How bad is it to take antibiotics while eping?
Mon, 08-20-2012 - 11:24pm
I just went to the dentist cuz an old root canal has gotten infected and they tell me I have another cavity that needs a root canal done and a gum disease that requires me take antibiotics 2 different ones. Amoxicillin and tetracycline that would be put directly on my teeth. I'm torn. The dentist said he can't do the tetracycline while I'm nursing because it will affect the baby's tooth growth. I did some research and it causes them to grow yellow. Yuck! So I can pump but can't give lo the milk. He drinks some formula so it's not foreign to him but after all the work I've put in to getting to this point it's discouraging to get hit with this news. My lo is 2 months now and it seems like I've established my supply. I'm at 25-30 oz a day and seem to be increasing I don't want to stop but something tells me I'm gonna have to and switch over to formula. Advice please... Anyone know how long antibiotics stay in your system even after you stop taking them?
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Tue, 08-21-2012 - 7:21am

i had dental work shortly after i had my first lo. i had to consult with the dental surgeon, my ob, the lc at the hospital i delivered at, and my ped. i basically had to find out exactly what they were using, when and how, and figure out if it was safe or not. if tell them whats up, they may have an alternative they can use that wont effect your bm. i was told with my concoction of meds, that i could pump as soon as i felt i wasnt out of it anymore after i came home. the lc said if i wanted to dump that first pump i could if it made me feel better, but i didnt, and it was fine.

how long do you have to use the meds? if i were you and you absolutely couldnt serve the pumped milk then id pump and dump to keep your supply up and just do formula while needed. it cant be too long right?

also, some antibiotics are ok while nursing, im on a zpak right now for a sinus infection, i always get my rx from my obgyn since im pumping, or i call the lc to make sure its ok if its over the counter. good luck!

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Tue, 08-21-2012 - 9:24pm

I had dental work done over a period of 3 months, 1 week after my baby was born, and had to be on antibiotics for over 1.5 months with 1 week breaks in between. I had a root canal, 6 fillings and 1 extraction. I took, amoxicilin twice and penicillin in the middle. Amox and penicillin are safe while breastfeeding, but tetracycline does not seem safe at all. I also took Keflex twice during pregnancy and after for urinary infections, which is also safe while nursing. Have you asked your doctor why he is using tetracycline exactly? Maybe it can be substituted with some other one that's safe.

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Tue, 08-21-2012 - 10:13pm
I just got done with a weeks worth of amoxicillin. Which I was specifically given over other antibiotics for my tooth because it is safe to take while nursing. So that one shouldn't be a concern at all
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