I made it

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I made it
Tue, 05-20-2014 - 6:39am

Well Ladies.....I made it!  My LO turns 1 in a week and we have started transitioning her to whole mlk.  I am down to 2 pumps a day and started to decrease the session time as well.  I am so excited!!

BUT.....I say all of that to say this, if I can do it, YOU can do it too!!  I started pumping when my LO was 4 days old and that turned into exclusively pumping within one week of that.  At the time, there was no way I could even imagine making it a year.  I had to come to the realization that any milk I could provide would be good for my baby and not put the overwhelming pressure on myself to make it the full year.  Instead, I focused on setting little goals along the way.  Sometimes it was to make it to the next 3 months or sometimes it was just 1 more day!  With each mini milestone, I found new drive to set another goal for my LO. I have to say that my husband's support was priceless....he has been so encouraging along the way and became an expert "bottle & pump parts" washer!  

Another thing that definitely helped was this site....it was very comforting knowing that I was not alone out there in this journey!  I appreciate each and every one of you.  You have given me the added inspiration needed to make it the whole way.  And for that, I thank you!! 

Good Luck and keep pumping :)

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Fri, 05-23-2014 - 11:08pm

Congratulations! I bet you have mixed emotions! Pumping is such a part of the daily routine for the exclusive pumper, that I am sure there is a period of adjustment. But what an accomplishment and think about all of the extra time and freedom you will have...just in time for summer! :) I am at month 8 today. Now that she is on solids and I think over her period of rapid growth, she is drinking less breastmilk. It is kind of sad sometimes, when she purses her little lips to say she is not hungry or full! So I am down to 3 pumps a day, which is already giving me more time and freedom! Anyways, congratulations to your family! It is not an easy sacrifice...but you did it!!!!