Introduction and Questions

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Introduction and Questions
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My name is Margeaux and I have been EPing for four months for my little boy Benjamin. I wasn't able to breast feed because he was unable to latch and I have extremely fast let down that just made breastfeeding difficult for us both. My body eats a ton of milk each day and at four months weighs about 16lbs, holds his head up with ease, and can roll both directions :) Enough bragging about my angel and into some questions. When I started EPing I was pumping every two hours. Since returning to work that has become very difficult. I now will go approximately 3-4 between pumps, however I have difficulty at night. It would be glorious to get a full night sleep since my baby is sleeping through the night. However if I go more than 5 hours my breasts become exceedingly engorged and I am unable to sleep through it. In addition I have been worried about the foremilk-hindmilk ratio that I produce. There are days that my milk appears very thin and I fear that Benjamin is not getting what he needs or worse that my milk is causing gas and discomfort. Has anybody else had difficulty with that ratio? I currently have 600oz frozen and I would love to be able to provide breastmilk for one year. I am now facing another hurtle. My health is declining and I may need my gallbladder removed. I have had multiple gallbladder attacks which has forced me to change my diet from high protien and dairy to a lot of carbs and bland food. I also haven't been eating as much which I can tell effects my milk supply.  Can anyone comisserate? I also don't know what the doctors will do if I need surgery. Can someone just hook up my pump in the middle? Should be interesting!! Due to my health and extreme exhaustion I am thinking that I need to decrease my pump sessions and I am looking for some instruction. I do not want to give up pumping, even though it has been suggested by my primary care physician. It makes me feel guilty that I wasn't able to breastfeed "normally" and I don't want Benjamin to be compromised by my health. I would love some support and education as not many people understand how difficult EPing truly is on new moms!

Thank you so much!