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Sat, 10-30-2010 - 8:15am

I'm a BTDT who HUTH in June 2009, but I came back on here to find some info for someone who is about to go back to work and EP. There used to be an EP "directions manual" of sorts that the ladies here had put together. It had wonderful info about how to increase supply during the first 11 weeks as well as general pumping pointers. Does anyone know where it is and if so, can you post a link to it?

Thank you so much!

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Sat, 10-30-2010 - 9:22am

Here are links to two helpful threads. The first is the beginner's guide to pumping (which is, I believe, the thread you were originally asking about), and the second is a thread of some pumping tips.

Beginners Guide


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