New, Considering Ep-ing??

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New, Considering Ep-ing??
Fri, 08-31-2012 - 3:24pm

Hello :smileyhappy:
Quick backround, DS is 9.5mo- we're currently nursing, but I am considering switching to Ep-ing from now till he turns 1+.
(I started my supply & was an ep-mom for the first 2weeks of his life while he was in nicu, then I continuted to bf & pump becuase he had problems with latch, so we did combo for a few months, then he finally bf. We had all sorts of issues, mastitis, I got a milk blister, we needed a nipple shield for MONTHS)
WELL< one might wonder after all that, trying, problems etc that he finally BF why on EARTH would I ever want to switch to EP? Many reasons (that I am sure many would consider selfish) but he pinches me so hard I have bruises on my boobs (I've tried finger games, nursing necklaces, toys, redirecting, stopping the session, etc) He's getting teeth on the top now which are chafing my areolas so much that even with lanolin it's getting to the point I am in tears every time I nurse him. Between the bruises from the pinching & chaffed areolas- I am trying to take it session by session not even day by day anymore. I don't want to give up on a bad day. I've seen several LC's & I guess that's where I feel the guilt & like a failure if I don't keep it up till he's at least one. But I seriously am doubting how that will happen, even if it is only 75 days till his first b-day :smileysad:
OTHER delimmas-
he won't drink from a bottle anymore. Sippy usage is come & go. Straw, same thing. Cup- no luck, just a mess.
I don't know how much I can pump in a day. The last time I pum ped about a week ago, was at night ( so low production anyway & was after his 5 daily feeds) & I only got 3 oz combined after 20min. I obviously don't know how much he's drinking in a day.
I guess I need to get those answered for myself before I can just say "ok, I'm going to EP"....
I only have 160oz left in my freezer stash from all my early days of pumping & I'm not sure how much of it is good since some is past the 6 mon mark already... so assuming he drinks 20oz a day & all the milk is good, that's only 8 days :smileysad:
Also, he has one overnight nursing session....although he's slept through the night twice in the past week! YAY! lol.
I guess I am looking for any kind of response- today is a particularly tough day where I just feel like I don't know what to do with him or myself & I'm glad I came across this website :smileyhappy:

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Fri, 08-31-2012 - 4:37pm

Well my first question is how are planning to actually feed him the milk?

I say if you are in pain and want to ep then do it. You've done awesome getting him to 9.5 months. If your not against it you can pump as much as you can then if needed supplement the rest with formula.

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Fri, 08-31-2012 - 9:38pm

Uggh, I hate some LCs and peds. I was lucky that the LC I saw, home home visiting nurse and our ped all are on board with EP. Babies getting BM, thats the most important thing. Thankfully they sell bottles in single sizes... get some that are wide nippled.

AND did you target just started (here anyways) a 'red card' where its attached to your checking account... so its just like a debit card you use at target only and get 5% EVERYTIME! woo! I had a friend have an LC come to her home to teach her baby to use a bottle!