New to EPing at 14 weeks

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New to EPing at 14 weeks
Thu, 11-18-2010 - 9:53am
Hi everyone! Was so happy I almost cried when I found this forum and realised that it is possible to pump long term! My LO is 14 weeks now and breastfed with the use of nipple shields (never latched on well from the start) up to 12 and half weeks. I had been expressing a bottle for every evening in first twelve weeks, but then he favoured it and started refusing to feed at the breast, I struggled from week 12 to 13 with putting him to the breast but it usually ended in both of us crying and then giving him an expressed bottle. Now I've rented a hospital standard pump and am happy to continue pumping as long as possible. At the moment I'm pumping just over 40oz a day and he drinks just under 40oz, I don't want my supply to drop obviously but I'm wondering how often i should pump. He sleeps through the night but I get up and pump at 2.30am. My pumping day usually goes as follows: 2.30 am, 6.30 am, 10 am, 1.30am, 4pm, 6.30 pm, 9pm (power pump) Do you think I should increase this, maintain it or start to try spreading them out? Any advice appreciated. I also heard that porridge is good for supply as well as protein early in the day to avoid low supply in afternoon. Thank you so much for all of the contributions to the board-I've spent so much of the last week reading through it and realising that I'm not alone with EPing!
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Thu, 11-18-2010 - 10:15am

Welcome to the board!

At 14 weeks, you should be able to start dropping pumps without losing supply. if you want to try it. Every body is a little different. Some ladies' supplies increase a little when they drop pumps, perhaps because of the extra rest or feeling less stress about pumping. Some ladies decrease a little as soon as they start dropping pumps. You could experiment with dropping a pump, and add it back in if you lose some ounces.

I am not sure about the difference between porridge and oatmeal, but old-fashioned oatmeal (not instant) seems to help most people. I have also heard a lot of positive results from dark beer (probably from the brewer's yeast in it, which you can take as a supplement instead of drinking beer), and root beer. It sounds like you have been reading a lot on this board, so I won't repeat everything from the other supply boosting threads here, but if you have any questions about supplements or techniques, ask away. :)


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Thu, 11-18-2010 - 10:43pm

Hello and welcome!

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Welcome & Congrats!!!

In reading your post, you brought back memories.